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NSPE Offers Free Courses to Engineers

The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) is an organization dedicated to providing information and continuing education for professional engineers and those in related industries.  One of the ways that the society does this is by cataloging conferences, webinars, and other educational events for engineers through their Professional Engineer Institute.  This institute lists hundreds of different continuing education opportunities for many different specialized engineering disciples.  These opportunities are designed to keep engineers current on the most recent engineering breakthroughs and topics.

The NSPE offers 15 different free streaming seminars that engineers can watch at any time.  These seminars take a detailed look at different aspects of the engineering profession, including new careers, questions of ethics, and management styles.  Here is a little more detail on some of these courses and why engineers may benefit from them.

Career Transitions

This course focuses on how someone could transition from or into the engineering field.  It discusses what those with an engineering degree could do that is outside of the industry.  The experience someone gets from being an engineer can be applied to many other careers, and those who are considering make a change may be interested in this webinar.

Engineering Ethics

The NSPE has several different engineering ethics webinars that shine a spotlight on certain areas of the industry and discuss ethical standards.  These include business issues, technical issues, and professional issues, as well as webinars on ethics and sustainability and ethics and risk management.  These courses can be very helpful for supervisors and others in management positions who may have to deal with ethical issues pertaining to code violations, patents, proposals, use of technology, and more.


If you feel like you’re not confident in negotiating with clients, contractors, or anyone else, watching the webinar on the secrets of successful negotiators will help.  Few of those who negotiate on a regular basis are actually trained in this skill, so it’s important to learn the techniques that will help you make better deals while maintaining your professional relationship with clients and contractors.


Learning how, when, and why to bring in a consultant is important, especially if the consultants are expensive.  The webinar that focuses on consultants aims to give you answers to these questions and to teach you when to go to one of these outside agents.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a major part of any supervisor’s duties, but few really know how to resolve employee conflicts in a way that leaves all parties involved feeling heard, satisfied, and accepting of the outcome.  Like negotiating, this is an area that many managers are simply not trained in.  While a webinar may not be as effective as taking an in-classroom course on conflict resolution, it does provide strategies and some examples of how to resolve the most common conflicts.

These are just a few of the different types of courses you’ll find on the PE Institute’s website.  The engineering professionals at Benchmark Group appreciate the variety of topics NSPE offers and takes advantage of the opportunities provided by them.